Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FO Manifesto 1


FO is not a movie about faking orgasms.

(it might be a movie about faking ORGANISMS.......)

It's not about the stereotype and cliche' of women being from Venus and men from Mars

FO is responding to the fact that we live in a world in which the need to be "real" is actually  the same as the the need to "fake."

-It IS about an artist on a mission to change the world, one strip at a time.

It is about art, performance, philosophy and politics, sex, love and identity, subversion, queering, anarchy and the search for visceral freedom.

For everybody.

It is about trying to find our way in the kind of world in which anyone would ever feel the obligation to fake an orgasm. Or an organism.

FO is a movie that wants to open space inside us: the space to recognize the absurdity of this world's "rules and regulations;" the requirements we live under and feel obliged to live up to, whether they suit us or not.

FO uses that space to find freedom from the normative; to subvert it, defy it, redefine it; even, and in fact, to enjoy and play with(in) it, whenever, however, with --and as-- whoever we please.

FO is talking about gender and sexuality and identity, but as --and even more-- importantly:

It's a movie about creating the chance and the possibility for all of our visceral freedom, body, brain and heart.

It's about finding a current, and a hot, electrical, connection to our lives, now. Without limit.

It's not easy, but it is simple.

It's not harmful, but it can be scary...

And it IS dangerous to convention

It's a corporeal insurrection, and:

it WILL explode internalized systems, and:

it IS about the body:anarchic.

--Lazlo Pearlman

~ Art tells gorgeous lies that come true ~
-Hakim Bey